It all starts with a single thought, an idea, an inspiration. The starry sparkly sky, rainbow coloured candy, a pet pooch looking at you with eyes that would make you melt. Inspiration is everywhere.

Next, the idea is translated into a detailed sketch for the artisan's reference.

After a look at what is happening in the ever-changing world of fashion, the materials are sourced. Enter; a dreamy world of countless fabrics, ranging from rich to wispy, patterns in a kaleidoscope of colours and prints and a plethora of textures; soft, coarse, and smooth.

By now, a new design is taking form, and the shape of the frame is defined, along with fittings, which are made in countless finishes and textures.

The artisan now begins the process of giving this original inspiration life, by handcrafting the bag with knowledge and technical expertise passed down through generations. What started from a single thought is now sculpted into shape in the finest quality. A bag is born.

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